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Award Winning Injury Representation

The Henry Law Firm

I Became An Ohio Personal Injury Attorney To Do Good For The People Who Deserve It

Because I believe in being tough and fair.

As a personal injury attorney, I help people who get hurt by someone else’s carelessness, whether at the hands of an insurance company, or a big corporation.

As a trial attorney, I have won my clients life-changing financial recoveries in cases other personal injury lawyers said had no chance of succeeding. When I believe in a case and work hand-in-hand with my clients, I find great results often happen.

Through it all, I have learned new technologies, techniques, and strategies, allowing me to serve my clients with cutting-edge 21st-century legal representation.

Why Should You Be Represented by a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have experienced a significant personal injury accident in Ohio, you could be in serious pain. You could be under a great deal of stress—losing income, overwhelmed with paperwork, or even in conflict with your employer or insurance company.

That’s why you should hire a personal injury attorney—but not just any attorney. You need someone well-versed in personal injury law and the complex process of injury documentation and filing civil claims in Ohio. Someone who works for, not against, you. You need The Henry Law Firm: Ohio’s best personal injury attorneys. We fight for your best interests, every step of the way.


I typically serve clients in the following areas of law, but am eager to assist you with other types of cases as well.

Personal Injury

There is nothing more sacred and personal than our health and our bodies. Here at The Henry Law Firm, we take every step possible to protect our clients who have suffered personal injury in everyday life, at work, or due to medical negligence.

Wrongful Death

There is no loss greater than that of a loved one. And, there is no work more important to us here at The Henry Law Firm than a family putting their faith in our services to pursue the interests of a person taken too soon. In these cases, we remind ourselves every day to be the legal professionals that we would want our families to hire.

“Eric Henry and his staff are extremely professional. They kept in communication with me every single step of the way and was always there to answer any questions I have had. I highly encourage everyone following me if you need a personal injury or nursing home lawyer definitely give them a call I promise if they take your case you will be so very happy that you did contact them. He did an amazing job on my Dad’s wrongful death lawsuit. I could not ask for a better lawfirm.”


“A year and a half ago I suffered a reallly bad injury and contact Attorney Henry for help. The entire staff was very attentive to the situation and immediately jumped into action. The commitment to getting this case resolved was absolutely incredible. Every question was answered and even when I thought the light was getting dim at the end, Attorney Henry pursued the case relentlessly!! Thank you for your hard work in resolving this matter.”


“I came to Eric after I was hit last year and was taken care of immediately. Eric and his staff were available for any questions or concerns that arose and made sure I understood what was going on step by step. Eric was professional, attentive and amazing! I even referred my mother to him for her legal needs. Five star service for sure!”

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