I grew up and have lived my life in Northeast Ohio.

I learned from an early age that success comes from hard work and discipline, and I embody that ethic in my practice of law. I have never had anything handed to me in my life and I will not look for that in your case.

In high school, I was an athlete – a wrestler and a cross country runner. I honed my competitive spirit, which I believe is an essential trait for a successful litigator.

I went to Kent State University where I graduated high honors with dual degrees in English and Psychology. I worked three jobs to pay my way: in a warehouse filling orders, in construction doing flooring, and as a reporter for a local newspaper.

I went to law school at Case Western Reserve University where I continued to make my own way, worked for a big firm in downtown Cleveland, and graduated with honors.

My professional experience has taught me the value of being a creative problem solver and a tough negotiator. I have represented some of the biggest companies in the country and had experience in almost all areas of civil law, including the plaintiff’s work, defense work, drafting contracts, and negotiating deals. Through it all, I have constantly learned about new technologies, techniques, and strategies so that I am serving my clients with cutting-edge 21st-century legal representation.

As a trial attorney, I have won my clients multimillion-dollar federal court verdicts, multimillion-dollar settlements, and life-changing financial recoveries in cases other lawyers said had no chance of succeeding. When I believe in a case and work hand-in-hand with my clients, I find great results often happen.


My heart is in helping people. People that get hurt, or lose a family member, because of someone’s carelessness. People that get taken advantage of by a greedy corporation. People who get ripped off by their insurance company. I became a lawyer to do good for people who deserve it.

I believe in being tough and I believe in being fair. Let’s talk about your case and I will explain the innovative approach and strategies I bring to litigation.

When I am your lawyer, I work for you.