Clients are often concerned to know how long their case will last.

Everyone has heard about those cases that last for years and years and the last thing anyone wants is to get wrapped up in a lawsuit that will go on for the better part of a decade. It’s too stressful, too much of a commitment. Or at least so it seems.

The good news is you probably will not have to worry about that. And regardless of who your attorney is, if you are the plaintiff, you control your case. That means you decide if and when you want to settle. Nobody can make you pursue your claim if it drags on unproductively.

Every case is different. And it is true that the more complex the case, or the greater the loss, the longer the case tends to take. But it is always my priority to wrap your case up quickly. Sometimes that is possible. Sometimes it is not in your best interest to take a deal that has been proposed and I will recommend continuing the fight.


I believe in giving real answers though not just attorney speak generalities. So here are some general timelines I have found in my Ohio-based practice: if we are able to wrap up your case without filing a lawsuit, it will generally take 3-6 months from the time you contact me (or if an injury case from the time you finish your treatment). Greater than 50% of civil cases are able to be settled on this timeline.

If we have to file a lawsuit the process of litigation usually take 6-18 months. If we have to go through the appellate court, it will probably take an additional 12-18 months.

Regardless of how long your case is open, realize that much of the time will require very little involvement on your part. We will be waiting on court dates, waiting for the judge to make a ruling, or waiting on documents or records we have requested. I will administer your case and keep you apprised of dates and what you need to do for the best results.


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