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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1.3 million people die because of road traffic accidents each year. In addition, up to 20 to 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries in traffic crashes globally each year, with many of these injuries requiring treatment.

Ohio has more than its share of car crashes. According to the Ohio State Patrol, 1,154 fatal crashes occurred in 2020. Car accident injuries have been proven to cause considerable economic losses for families and individuals in Ohio.

Read on if you would like to learn more about Ohio’s most common auto accident injuries. Should you have suffered any of these injuries in your accident, we can be of assistance.

Exploring the Most Common Ohio Auto Accident Injuries

With more vehicles on the road now than ever before, people are more likely to be involved in car accidents. It’s believed that the average person will be involved in three to four car accidents during their lifetime.

It’s good to know the types of common injuries auto accident victims incur, especially if you have recently been in an auto accident yourself. Look below to learn more about the common injuries Ohio auto accident victims endure. You can speak with us about filing a case if you have any injuries we discuss.

#1. Traumatic Brain Injuries

Unfortunately, one of the most severe injuries is also one of the most common. This type of injury often occurs when the force of an auto accident causes a person’s brain to slam inside their skull. In many instances, a TBI is also referred to as a closed head injury or concussion injury.

Additionally, the symptoms of a TBI can be delayed hours or days after an auto accident, which could impact your insurance claim if your injury is not reported on time. That’s why it’s crucial to always seek medical assistance after an auto accident, even if you believe your injuries weren’t serious.

Moreover, TBIs often have life-altering effects because they can change how a person’s brain functions, processes emotions, and handles information. There are mild, moderate, and severe traumatic brain injuries, with the most severe types needing lifelong treatment.

This treatment could become increasingly expensive, so you should speak with a car accident lawyer if you have suffered this type of injury.

#2. Broken Bones

Another common auto accident injury suffered by Ohio drivers is broken bones. This injury is so common because, during an auto accident, a person’s body can hit multiple parts of a vehicle which places a skeleton structure under stress. Many body parts cannot handle the force or impact of a collision, and this causes bones to break in the arms, legs, back, face, hands, fingers, and feet.

For example, during an auto accident, your arm could become trapped between your body and the door, breaking your arm in multiple places. Additionally, your seatbelt could cause you to break a few ribs, depending on your driving speed. Often a broken bone could require surgery and physical therapy, and your medical costs or time off work could be significant.

#3. Neck and Back Injuries

In many instances, neck and back injuries might not always be apparent. Often neck and back injuries can be incredibly severe and lead to months of rehabilitation, a lifetime of physical therapy to manage pain, and even paralysis.

For example, during an auto accident, a person could rupture the discs in their spine or experience herniations. They could also break their back, strain or sprain their neck, and tear tendons and ligaments in their lower back. Unfortunately, like with TBIs, neck and back injuries are not always immediately noticeable yet may develop into a permanent impairment.

#4. Whiplash

During an auto accident, another common injury Ohio drivers suffer is whiplash. Although this doesn’t sound like a very serious injury, it can cause severe pain and other injuries. Commonly whiplash happens when a vehicle collides with another car or object at high speed.

The force of a collision causes a person’s neck to whip backward and forwards suddenly and severely. When this occurs, muscle strains and sprains can occur in the neck, and ligaments could tear. It can take people extended periods of time to recover from a severe whiplash injury.

#5. Bruising

Often minor and major vehicle accidents in Ohio result in bruising injuries. Even though bruises are not classified as permanent injuries, they can be incredibly painful and take weeks to heal, especially if a break or fracture has occurred to cause the bruising.

Bruises commonly occur because many people are thrown into some part of their vehicle, like their seatbelt, when an auto accident occurs. A seatbelt can leave severe bruising depending on how fast you drive and how hard you crash into another vehicle or object. Even though bruises are usually a minor injury, you are still entitled to claim compensation for them alongside your other injuries.

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These are only some of the injuries drivers suffer from when involved in auto accidents in Ohio. Although these are the most common, many also suffer from burns, disfigurement, PTSD, amputations, internal bleeding, lacerations, and more.

After being in an Ohio car accident, it’s in your best interest to consider hiring an attorney.

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