A car accident happens every 60 seconds in America. If you have been involved in an Ohio car crash and sustained injuries, you should seek a free consultation from an attorney experienced in car accident cases. Approximately 4.4 million people are hurt during a car accident each year in the United States, and globally there are 20 to 50 million people who suffer non-fatal injuries that may lead to long-term disabilities.

At The Henry Law Firm, we understand that life after a car crash in Ohio can be incredibly challenging and emotionally and financially straining. That’s why we will work with you to help you obtain the compensation you deserve to alleviate some of the stresses you are going through. Often the first step in alleviating stress is carefully establishing what you need to do.

In this article, our legal team has provided an overview of what you need to do following involvement in a car crash in Ohio. After reading, we hope you will be prepared if you are the victim of a negligent driver.

Six Simple Steps You Should Keep In Mind After A Car Crash

Although there are many things you need to do after a car crash, we have determined the top six steps you need to take after being involved in a car accident in Ohio.

If you follow these steps, you are more likely to resolve your car crash claim quickly and efficiently. Should you decide to work with our team, we will guide you through each step to move forward with your life.

1. Call Emergency Personnel

Many accidents are traumatizing and difficult to navigate, even if they are not too serious. You need to call emergency services immediately after even if your car isn’t too damaged or you don’t appear to have any injuries. When you call 911, they will send out an ambulance, and in most instances, a police team.

The medical professionals with the ambulance will determine if you have any injuries, while the police assess the scene and create a report. Reporting the accident by calling 911 is the first step toward building a successful auto accident claim.

2. Seek Medical Attention

Once the emergency medical professionals have looked over you, you still need to seek medical attention from a private doctor or hospital. Seeking medical attention allows you to create medical records about the accident. More importantly, prompt medical treatment will ensure that you are not suffering from a more severe injury than you might appreciate while your adrenaline is still pumping.

Prompt and consistent medical treatment helps you prove that the injuries you’re suffering from were caused by the car accident you were involved in. An auto accident attorney can obtain these records and use them to build your case against the negligent party.

3. Gather Evidence

Another crucial thing you need to do when you have been involved in a car crash is gathering evidence related to the accident. You will be more likely to obtain a fair settlement by gathering as much evidence as possible. Evidence can include, but is not limited to:

  • Witness contact information
  • Other driver’s contact, insurance, and vehicle registration
  • Video or CCTV footage
  • Photos of vehicle damage
  • Photos of injuries
  • Photos of the accident scene

If you contact our car crash legal team quickly, we can help you gather all of this critical evidence.

4. Obtain A Police Report

Since it is almost always necessary to file a police report in Ohio, you will be able to obtain the one relating to your accident. This report will have pertinent details relating to your case.

Often the police will have recorded what they believe happened and who caused the accident or could be partly at fault. With this information, your lawyer can strengthen your case or determine the best course of action.

5. Don’t Admit Fault

This might not be a tangible step to complete, but you need to remember not to admit fault. We understand that a car crash can cause heightened emotions leading to distress, and that it can be easy to apologize after an accident or say things that you shouldn’t when you’re in the midst of the event.

Try not to interact with the other driver or drivers more than necessary. Besides obtaining their information, don’t discuss the accident as anything you say can be potentially used against you when you try to get a settlement at a later date.

6. Contact Your Insurance

Did you know that it is illegal to drive a vehicle in Ohio without having a minimum amount of insurance coverage? It will be required of you to present proof of your insurance after being involved in a car accident.

Additionally, after the accident, you need to contact the insurance company you’re with and tell them about the accident. Even if you firmly believe the accident occurred because of another driver’s negligence, contacting your insurance company may still be a good idea.

However, when speaking with any insurance company, you should only provide basic information about the accident. You should give the insurance company the information necessary to get your car repaired (or totaled), but you should not discuss your injuries. Allow your attorney to address your injuries with the insurance company.

Remember, an insurance company will do what is best for the company and not for you. That’s why they will try and offer you the lowest possible settlement amount.

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