If you have been injured, it’s likely already apparent that you are experiencing emotional strain and financial pressure. According to statistics from the CDC, in the United States approximately 3 million people are hospitalized yearly due to injuries. Moreover, on average, an American is accidentally injured every second. If you have sustained severe injuries due to the fault of someone else, you could be entitled to seek compensation.

Many people choose to handle their personal injury claims on their own. However, by hiring a personal injury lawyer, you are more likely to attain the compensation you deserve with an attorney’s assistance. There are numerous reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer for your case is helpful. With a qualified lawyer on your side, they can assess your case and provide you valuable assistance.


Often deciding if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer will depend on the complexity of your legal issues, the severity of your injuries, and the factors surrounding your case. However, there are three instances where it is always in your best interest to hire a personal injury lawyer.

  • When you are not sure who is at fault. Sometimes accidents can be incredibly confusing. It can be challenging to determine which party is at fault, especially if multiple parties are involved. When you are unsure of who is at fault, you should contact your lawyer as it’s common the other party’s insurance company will try to pin all the damages on you.
  • If you suffered a permanent disability or severe injury due to an accident. If you have been seriously injured in an accident with or without injuries leading to permanent disabilities, it’s crucial to hire a lawyer. Injuries lead to expensive medical bills that could extend years into the future or even become lifelong responsibilities. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is crucial, as they can help you prevent lifelong financial strain.
  • When the insurance company refuses or delays your claim. Insurance companies are notorious for denying or delaying claims. They know that not many people know the laws and complicated procedures surrounding a claim, which allows them to take advantage. A lawyer can help you with the insurance company and ensure they do not offer you less than you deserve.


There are countless objectives that a personal injury lawyer has when evaluating and handling your case. Below are a few of the critical duties that your personal injury lawyer will enact to help you get the best possible outcome for your case.

  • Assist you with all the documentation you need to produce to prove your pain and suffering
  • Evaluate your case to discover who is the party at fault in your personal injury case
  • A lawyer will stay ahead of all deadlines and procedure requirements to ensure you meet your state’s statute of limitations and court hearing requirements
  • Work quickly and efficiently with you to ensure your personal injury claim is attended to timeously
  • Maintain an objective perspective on the case without emotions clouding the investigation and proceeding
  • Find top-notch medical experts to treat your injuries and project your future needs
  • Work with qualified investigative teams and other service providers to ensure every aspect of your claim is addressed

personal injury lawyer benefits


There are numerous reasons why you should hire a lawyer for your personal injury claim. Below are three reasons why a personal injury lawyer is your best bet to attaining a favorable outcome for your lawsuit.

1. Personal Injury Lawyers Are Familiar With Personal Injury Laws

Personal injury laws are incredibly complicated and differ from state to state, and the type of injury you have will determine your specific personal injury claim. Essentially different kinds of personal injury claims will have different rules and laws that apply to them. Personal injury

lawyers are thoroughly familiar with the various laws and which one applies to your case. Based on this, a lawyer can better determine the type of compensation you are entitled to.

2. A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Provide Assistance With Negotiating Compensation

In many instances, a personal injury claim can be resolved outside of court if both parties are willing to negotiate and settle for fair compensation. Hiring a lawyer during this process will save both parties time and money in the long run, as costly court fees can be avoided. Often insurance companies will want to settle out of court, but they will likely offer a fraction of the compensation you are looking for if you don’t have a personal injury lawyer. With your lawyer on the case, they can negotiate with the insurance company or other party to get the best compensation possible.

3. A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Provide Assistance Should Your Case Go to Court

Should settlement negotiations fail, a personal injury lawyer will fight for you in court. They can prove to a judge or jury that you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and any past and future loss of earnings or wages. When you hire a qualified personal injury lawyer, you provide yourself with the best chance to increase settlement amounts and win damages in court. Additionally, many personal injury lawyers will work based on a contingency fee, which means that you will only pay a portion of your settlement if you win your case.


Injuries sustained in an accident can be incredibly debilitating to all aspects of your life. With the aid of a professional personal injury lawyer, you can take some of the pressure off yourself while you recover. Gaining compensation for your injuries can help you and your family with finances

presently and in the future. Get in contact with an experienced personal injury lawyer at Henry Law Firm today, so you can get the compensation you deserve.