An injured child is every parent’s nightmare, especially when it occurs where they’re supposed to be safe. You take your kiddo to daycare and start your day — only to get a call that there has been an emergency, an accident, and your child is hurt. Nothing can make a parent’s heart skip a beat like that call, and it’s something too many families have gone through. Whether it’s a minor injury or severe accident, daycare negligence is often to blame.

The civil justice system exists to help families who have experienced these tragedies. We’ll help you navigate this system and get to the bottom of the incident. The unfortunate truth is that many daycare injuries are a result of negligence or inappropriate response by daycare staff. While you focus on your family, we’ll fight for your best interests.


If a child is hurt because of inadequate supervision or negligence, the daycare could be liable. Personal injury is typically when negligence or carelessness directly causes someone else’s injury. However, another facet of personal injury deals with lack of proper supervision — which may lead to or cause an injury in the eyes of the law.

Negligent supervision exists when a daycare fails to meet its legal duty to offer adequate and responsible supervision to a vulnerable part, in this case — your child. It can happen in many ways, and it’s often a preventable tragedy. For example, a staff member could be distracted by their phone while a child falls off the jungle gym.

Another example could come from the daycare itself, in which the facility fails to secure small objects that could prevent a child from choking.



Families put their faith in our services because we care. The Henry Law Firm is incredibly experienced in navigating the nuances and complexities surrounding child daycare negligence cases. We work tirelessly to prove breach of duty and responsibility on the daycare’s behalf.

Our compassionate and dedicated personal injury staff holds open lines of communication with your family, keeping you in the loop at all times regarding your child daycare negligence case. We’ll work to establish both the actual causation of your child’s injury and the proximate causation. These are the two foundations for negligent supervision — and we understand how to develop and prove these claims for our clients.

A daycare has a legal obligation to keep your child safe. Our legal professionals work to prove that the injuries sustained at the daycare were a result of the facility’s inability to uphold that obligation and that the injury was not only foreseeable but preventable. We work hard to prove that the daycare is at fault for these injuries and will work relentlessly for your family.




You may suddenly remember that you signed a waiver of liability at your child’s daycare and panic. Don’t worry. This piece of documentation does not necessarily leave you without options and does not indicate that the facility can’t be held responsible for a daycare injury.

The courts understand that daycare facilities cannot simply waive their responsibility or liability for your child’s safety. The truth is that daycare facilities know that these waivers usually don’t hold up in a court of law and instead use them as a deterrent for legal action by parents. If you have signed a liability waiver — do not hesitate to call The Henry Law Firm. We will review the waiver with you and discuss your options.


The Henry Law Firm puts your family first. Our experienced legal professionals understand the traumatic and devastating effects that a child injury can have. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that your child receives the best treatment possible and maximize the amount he or she recovers for any pain, suffering, or medical treatment.

We have successfully recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for children injured at daycare. We will work with your family on settlement options to ensure that money is there for your child when he or she will need it – whether it is next month or ten years down the road. Parents are also entitled to recover directly from a negligent daycare for their lost time from work and their stress and anxiety having to care for an injured child.

If your child has suffered an injury at a daycare facility, contact us immediately. Gather as much evidence as possible, including copies of any paperwork you filled out with the facility, security footage, or any other supplementary evidence available. Retain any photographs at the scene, follow-up photos, injury photos, along with tracking your child’s healing process, can all be beneficial to your case.

We’ll help you calculate damages that the daycare is liable for, and it may be necessary to seek both compensatory and punitive damages in your lawsuit. Speaking with an experienced child daycare negligence lawyer should be the very first step — as there may be a statute of limitation on how long you have to file.


  1. We make sure that your child receives the best treatment possible to help with recovery
  2. We’ll do everything in our power to maximize the amount you and your child recover in regards to medical treatment, pain and suffering, and any other measure of their damage

Child daycare negligence is an incredibly complex and sensitive practice, one that we are very familiar and successful with. We understand the complicated nature of these cases and can navigate liability insurance coverage issues, injury diagnosis and treatment, civil litigation, and more. Your child is your world, and we treat these cases with the utmost respect, attention, and care. Now is not the time to hire an inexperienced attorney — now is the time to hire The Henry Law Firm. Contact us today for a free consultation where we can discuss strategy and answer any questions you may have regarding your child daycare negligence case.