If you have recently been involved in an accident that has resulted in you sustaining injuries and losses, it can be difficult to secure compensation. Approximately 400,000 personal injury cases are filed each year in America, but only about 4 percent go to trial. However, the process of filing a personal injury claim can be challenging and confusing. It would be in your best interest to hire an Ohio personal injury attorney to help you with your settlement negotiations.

Before you hire an Ohio personal injury attorney, there are a few crucial questions you should ask. Knowing the answers to these pivotal questions beforehand can be the difference between reaching a favorable outcome. At the Henry Law Firm, we understand how important it is to feel comfortable with your attorney.

An attorney is someone with whom you will be working closely on an ongoing basis while seeking justice. Therefore you must trust the attorney you choose. By asking the questions we have provided, you will have a better chance of finding the best attorney for your unique case.

Top Questions to Ask

When you are at your initial consultation, you don’t need to nag them with hundreds of questions as you won’t have time. You have a case to win, and that means time is costly. That’s why you must ask the following questions before choosing to hire your attorney as the answers will either give you peace of mind or send you running to a new law firm.

1. What Are Your Firm’s Fees?

The first and most important question you need to ask is an outline of their fees. Most Ohio personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. At the Henry Law Firm, we are upfront about the fact that we work with our clients with a contingency fee structure in place.

You will not have to pay a fee unless you attain money damages in your personal injury lawsuit. Usually, when you gain monetary damages, your attorney will take a percentage of between 25 and 40 percent.

2. Can You Handle My Case With Your Current Workload?

Some attorneys will take on too many cases at once, which will put your case at a disadvantage. That’s why asking a potential attorney if they can handle your case with their current workload is important.

It would also be best to ask them if they plan on taking any other cases and, if so, how many while working on yours. When you are trying to recover from your injuries, you don’t want to be working with a legal representative that can’t devote the attention and care your case needs.

3. What Is the Initial Assessment of My Case?

As a victim, it can be incredibly easy to believe that your case has no chance of failing and that you deserve substantial financial compensation. However, this isn’t always the case, as each personal injury lawsuit is different. It’s best if you don’t have any preconceived notions about your case, which is why you should ask an attorney what their initial assessment of your case is.

An unbiased and objective attorney will give you an honest opinion of the likelihood of you winning your case. They can give you an estimate of what they believe your case is worth and can tell you if it is worth pursuing, which will save you time and money in the long run.

4. Do You Specialize In Personal Injury Law?

When you speak with an attorney, you must ask them what area of law they specialize in. A lawyer not familiar with personal injury law can negatively affect your chances of gaining compensation.

You will want someone specializing in personal injury law as they are better equipped to handle your case. They will know the legal proceedings that pertain to your case and will be able to represent you better if your case goes to trial. Don’t forget to ask them how experienced they are with personal injury law.

Remember that even if they are practicing law for years, this does not equate to experience or skill. Their track record will give you a better idea of their experience.

5. Can I See Testimonials or References From Previous Clients of Yours?

Often it’s just as important to ask an attorney if you can see testimonials and references from past clients. Seeing proof of previous client experiences can give you an excellent idea of the type of personal injury attorney you are dealing with.

Most attorneys will have client testimonials available on their websites for public viewing, but it’s a good idea to ask to see a few if they don’t. When working with an attorney to gain compensation, you want to make sure you receive legal representation from someone you can trust. Choosing someone with a history of being easy to work with significantly impacts the outcome of your case.


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The working relationship between you and your personal injury attorney should not be an uphill battle. While recovering from your injuries, you need to be placing less stress on yourself. A qualified Ohio personal injury attorney can help relieve some of the financial and emotional strain you are under by providing you with excellent legal representation.

At the Henry Law Firm, we are devoted to our clients and are willing to answer any questions you may have. We know how important it is to discuss your questions before hiring an attorney. Contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation.