Every year millions of drivers seek medical attention after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. In addition to dealing with injuries, being involved in a car accident usually puts you under financial strain. One of our clients’ biggest concerns after being involved in a car accident is determining who will pay their medical bills. Take a look at the fact below to get a better understanding of car accidents today:

Approximately 4.4 million people are injured in car accidents annually in the United States alone.

Although we will seek reimbursement of your medical bills from an at-fault auto insurance company, that payment typically comes as a lump sum after your case. In the short term, your best option is to have your health insurance cover your medical bills the same as it would if you had not been involved in an accident with another person. Your health insurance is almost certainly required to pay your medical bills whether or not you seek compensation from a third party. However, you may be required to pay your health insurance back a portion of your settlement.

In our article, we look at health insurance options for car accident injuries and the other important information you need to note surrounding the payment of your medical bills. Since it can be challenging to navigate medical bills after being involved in an auto accident, you should consider speaking with an Ohio personal injury from The Henry Law Firm. We can help you get your medical bills paid so that you can focus on your recovery.

What You Need to Know About the Role of Health Insurance After a Car Accident

Understanding how to pay your medical bills after a car accident can be incredibly difficult because there are many available options. Although you are responsible for adequately paying your medical bills, an Ohio personal injury attorney from our firm can help coordinate with your health insurance company to ensure bills are paid, and repayment obligations are satisfied.

The Top 5 Sources to Pay Your Car Accident Bills During Your Case

Although we will seek to recover for your damages, including bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering following a car crash, here are the most common sources to pay your medical bills before settlement.

1. Private Health Insurance

In most instances, after a car accident, your private health insurance will pay the medical bills from doctors and medical facilities associated with your car accident. However, during a personal injury case, it may be challenging to get your health insurance to cover car accident-related medical treatment because of someone else’s negligence.

Even though it is challenging to get your private health insurance to cover your medical bills after a vehicle accident, it is not impossible. Additionally, you need to note that medical providers are only allowed to seek compensation for services that your health insurance covers from your health insurance and not you.

You will still have to submit claims and follow the procedures, and this is where a lawyer can be of assistance. Additionally, you should also note that there might be treatments that aren’t covered by your health insurance. You may only be allowed to see certain medical care professionals and facilities.

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2. Medicaid

Another option for paying medical bills after a car accident is Medicaid. Medicaid is a state and federal government-backed health insurance program for needy and low-income people. To qualify for Medicaid, you need to be an eligible adult according to your income bracket.

If you have a Medicaid Managed Care plan and were involved in a car accident, you will be able to use this insurance to pay for your medical bills.

3 .Medicare

Those who have a Medicare plan can use it to pay for their medical bills after a car accident. This type of federally backed health insurance program is only available to those older than 65 and certain younger adults who have disabilities.

It is also available to people who have permanent kidney failure. However, you should note that this insurance will only cover your medical bills once you have exhausted your medical payments coverage.

4. Medical Payments Coverage (MedPay)

MedPay is a coverage you can add to your auto insurance policy. This coverage will help you pay for your medical expenses associated with a car accident. Unlike the other options we discussed, Medpay will often cover the costs of the policyholder and any passengers in the car at the time of the accident. It will also cover a family member who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.

This policy can also extend to injuries you have sustained outside of your vehicle in some instances. The list of medical treatments that MedPay covers are pretty extensive. We have listed a few of the medical treatments that would be covered for you, your passengers, or your family member driving your insured vehicle at the time of the accident.

  • X-rays
  • Surgeries
  • Ambulance and EMT fees
  • Doctors and hospital visits
  • Prostheses
  • Hospital stays
  • Dental procedures that are needed because of the car accident
  • Professional nursing services

5. Cash Pay / Letter of Protection

If you don’t have health insurance, your option might be to elect to pay your bills in cash. Although this may seem burdensome, it does not mean you have to come out of pocket to pay these bills during your case.

Attorneys and some medical providers will execute a letter of protection on your behalf. This means that you are pledging some of the proceeds of your car crash settlement toward paying your bills and giving your healthcare provider a lien against your claim.

Letters of protection are great options for individuals who do not have (or do not want to use) their health insurance. However, if your case is unsuccessful, you would still have responsibility for the bill. For this reason, you must work with an experienced and capable lawyer who can resolve your case favorably.

Speak With an Ohio Personal Injury Attorney to Learn More About the Role Health Insurance Plays in Your Car Accident Claim

The Top 5 Sources to Pay Your Car Accident Bills During Your Case

After being involved in a car accident, paying your medical bills is crucial if you don’t want to face financial difficulties. However, paying your medical bills can be challenging if you don’t understand your options or health insurance nuances. It might be best to consider seeking legal counsel and assistance from an Ohio personal injury attorney.
At The Henry Law Firm, we know how frustrating it can be navigating your health insurance when trying to focus on your recovery after a car accident. We will work alongside you to ensure your bills get paid. Additionally, if you choose to initiate a personal injury case, we can help you with those proceedings. Get in touch with us to discuss your health insurance’s role after your car accident.